Rodger Ward, a two time Indy 500 winner who used to promote

“This give us a whole team exclusively and will help us build new channels of distribution,”said Action exec Fred Wagenhals, who envisions taking Busch’s likeness and those of his more famous teammates Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Terry Labonte to sporting goods and department stores, a la the NFL. “NASCAR hasn’t done a good job at the level above Wal Mart and Kmart.” On a semi related note, the Henderson Wal Mart where I shop moved the entire line of Tony Stewart collectibles to the aerosol cheese section on Monday, following his run in with Kasey Kahne that triggered yet another big pileup! in the most recent Nextel Cup race and hootenany..Rodger Ward, a two time Indy 500 winner who used to promote those crazy open road races on Nevada highways, died last week of natural causes at age 83.

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