Since Imran Nazir’s wicket fell in the second over

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping His age fit every sponsor’s target demographic, and he wore a purple Minnesota Vikings jersey. Officials smile. His entire face was thick with paint. But sadly, they were wrong.”My gut feeling is that Pakistan will beat India this time, as the team really looks charged,” said 45 year old Asim Ahmed before the match, who came with his family to the Atrium Shopping Mall, where the match was screened free for families.The Pakistan team was hardly in control of the match throughout their time on the field.Since Imran Nazir’s wicket fell in the second over, the team nosedived in no time, managing to set a meagre target of 128 against India, offering the zealous crowds nothing much to cheer.Nevertheless, the fans did not give up. At the Arts Council, the Atrium shopping mall and other major spots where people had flocked in great numbers, the beat of Dhols and cheap kazoos kept emanating throughout the match.However, their expectations continued to slump as it turned out that they were rooting for a team that was performing in a sub standard fashion.Conventionally, Dhols and kazoos are meant for boundaries and sixes in a cricket match, but the crowd, witnessing the unfolding doom on the screens throughout the city, went berserk even when the Pakistani batsmen pushed the ball beyond the 30 yard circle to rotate the strike.Expert analysis came bolting out of weary hearts as Pakistani batsmen returned to the pavilion committing blunder after blunder.In the second innings, Gautam Gambir’s wicket in the first over bowled by the young Raza Hassan, lighted unlikely optimism in the sore hearts, but that too was short lived.As Virat Kohli led India to a comfortable win, fans with dejected faces filed out of the auditoriums foul mouthing the sloppy performance of the national team. Now they are counting on their heroes to put a halt to the Australian juggernaut and staying alive in the tournament Cheap Jerseys free shipping.